Monday, July 21, 2014

New Video

This is quite a bit after the debut on YouTube but my 3rd GamesBrained video is up on youtube.  You can go to it: here!

It was at first frustrating to lose progress on making this video, but as I learned my next program it actually became quite a joy.  I've already started my next video and in fact have about 10 pages of notes and 60 gbs of video content captured, so I just gotta think if I want to slim it down (keep about 8 mins) or do something more elaborate (20+ mins).  What do you think?  Also are there any games I might not have played you could recommend for my channel? I already intend to branch away from talking about the Elder Scrolls Series, and have no desire to make any more videos about the games for a while; so, it would be good to get some other ideas going.

Let me know :)

Shane (Hiro)

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